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Mic Mac Mall
Branding Campaign

In helping Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, update its brand, we channeled the voice and lifestyle of its core target, expressing her shopping desires in a playful and friendly manner. Like a good girlfriend, our Mic Mac gal was honest, fun and always ready to share a laugh (and an afternoon of shopping). Her candid commentaries helped to strengthen an emotional connection between the target and the mall. Result? Sales and traffic objectives were met or surpassed year after year!

Website Banners
In Mall Window Decals
Flex Form Newspaper Ads
Purse Pads
Newspaper Ads // Elevator Doors
Newspaper Ads

A Good Day to Shop - TV

It's a Good Day to Shop – TV


The Only Thing Not in My Purse – TV
Christmas - Nuts
Christmas - Holly the Reindeer
H&M – Is Coming
H&M – Is Open
Back to School – Boots
Christmas - Stress Free
Christmas – Tax Holiday
Christmas - Pip
Summer Sale