It says ‘Invest in Ideas’ on the side of our building —for a reason.

We believe in investing in ideas—for our clients and ourselves. Let’s take a look.

We created a leading time tracking and project management software.

In 2000, Suburbia created FunctionFox, an online software company dedicated to providing simple, secure, web-based tools to help creative teams around the world improve their productivity and profitability. The product was conceived, researched, designed and developed in house; we survived start up pains, growing pains and ever increasing competitive pressures. Today, it’s the leading time tracking and project management software for creative teams in over 90 countries.

We created an award-winning children’s app that got kids laughing—and learning.

In 2014 we created Zooper Dooper, an app company focused on creating edutainment apps for children, using humour as a foundational element. Zooper ABC was launched in November 2015 and quickly received multiple 5-Star Awards and stellar reviews by leading reviewers and moms alike. Only a few months after its launch, Zooper ABC was named one of the Top 20 Educational Apps of 2015 for Kids Under 5 by SmartApps for Kids. Sales continue to steadily increase with a second app in development. All we can say about it for now is ‘woof woof’.

We created and launched a Creative Camp to help clients unleash their creativity.

Suburbia developed and honed an innovative “Creative Camp” to help clients look at challenges in new ways, ideate and learn how to better unleash their creativity. Led by a Certified Creative Facilitator, Creative Camp is booked annually by many of our clients and always leads to an abundance of ideas that clients can execute.

It’s Good to be First.

In the field of marketing and communications, ROI-driven creativity and flawless execution are equally important. As a creative team with over 28 years of experience, we’ve had many successful ‘firsts’ with our clients. Why are ‘firsts’ important? Innovation is often a precursor to success. If you lead, take calculated risks, push boundaries, and enjoy higher than expected ROI, you are a great candidate for a “first” from Suburbia. Here’s a brief look at some recent “firsts.”


We were part of many digital innovations, including these recent “firsts in Canada.”

Vine Video promotion for Hillcrest Mall.

Ceros interactive magazine for a leading Canadian shopping centre.

Content aggregator for sharing social media on a big screen at MicMac Mall.

Shoppable video for Upper Canada Mall.

Interactive kiosk to enable on-the-spot contest deployment at Conestoga.


We helped develop and publish the first magazine for a leading shopping centre in Canada, Upper Canada Mall.

We helped develop and publish the first magazine for a leading shopping centre in Canada, Upper Canada Mall. After almost 10 issues in 5 years, we’ve become very skilled at how to create and repurpose creative assets to generate millions (and we mean millions) of brand impressions with an ROI that consistently surpasses the category norm in terms of traffic and sales per square feet. The magazines are not simply catalogues but feature celebrities and added value content for maximum reader engagement and longevity. We’ve also developed a magazine development strategy for another client that includes multiple malls to help amortize the expense.

Retail Experiences

We’ve created all kinds retail experiences, in many categories. Here are a few of our favourites:

The first 3D hoarding for a leading shopping centre.

First ‘Holiday Pop-Up Shop’ for Upper Canada Mall--bringing the mall directly into the community.

Helping to bring Canada’s first Ocean Wall—a beautiful, interactive and engaging live video mural that helps educate and teach children (and their parents) about the importance of the sea to life.

First ‘Charity Shopping Night’ with Orchard Park Shopping Centre in Kelowna. This concept was so successful that many centres across Canada have adopted the strategy as a way to support their community and stimulate pre-Xmas sales.

An extraordinary tailgate party as part of a launch of a much-awaited H&M store in Halifax; Parisian streetscape, promotion and shopping experience in-mall.

Social Marketing

Suburbia was part of creating the first magazine focused on smoking prevention aimed at teens and delivered to kids and teachers through schools.

The result was a reduction in teens starting to smoke in BC in the years after this publication was issued.