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Top Marketing Blogs for Shopping Centre Marketers


Blogs are a great source of inspiration for shopping centre marketers when they need to energize their creative muscle. Hot topics, trends, reflections, advice, and discussions are helpful ways to keep one’s mind thinking outside of the box. Below is a list of just some of our favourite marketing related blogs.


This global strategic brand and marketing consultancy shop provides great analyses of brand achievements on its blog. The posts are quick reads packed with takeaway knowledge provided by David Aaker, a well known leading marketer. You can read his take on how Burberry was able to revitalize their brand. Click here to read.

Creativity Unbound

Industry veteran, Edward Boches, provides insights and observations on the current state of advertising. This blog provides the reader with a fresh take on what’s going on in our industry. While reading you may find that you are have already or are currently participating in a certain trend that Boches is identifying. Click here to read his post “Are you paying more attention to your privacy?” A hot topic in Canada with the introduction of CASL on July 1.


In the marketing world you want your product and/or service to be positioned as the expert, as the best available brand for your targeted demographic. Scott Stratten, President of Un-Marketing, vlogs discussions on important industry topics. If you’re a marketing multi-tasker, pull up a post, hit play, and listen while you accomplish your to-do list. Click here to hear his discussion on the challenges associated with marketing to girls vs. boys.

Seth Godin

If hashtags are your thing, here’s the one we would give to Seth Godin: #IndustryMaverick. Godin’s blog is a great place to get motivated. With posts ranging from 2 lines to 20 paragraphs, Godin is able to inspire creativity by helping you change the way you might think about marketing. With an abundance of questions and lessons in every post, Godin will challenge you to become a better thinker and marketer. Click here to read a very short inspirational post.

Constantin McKool

This Tumblr blog is for the reader who loves stats, infographics, galleries and visuals. The posts curated and written by Constantin McKool, a digital marketing, SEO, and social media guru, are straight to the point with great take away information. Use this resource to switch up your regular intake of creative and marketing inspiration. Click here to see an inforgraphic on re-targeting on Facebook. 

HubSpot – Marketing

HubSpot’s raison d’etre is to encourage and facilitate the use of inbound marketing. Buzzword alert! Inbound marketing is the use of non-traditional promotions such as blogs, e-newsletters, SEO, social media, and other content marketing initiatives. HubSpot is the go-to resources for topics that range anywhere between adding a bit of creativity in your everyday work habits, social media tips, and inside looks at SEO practices. There a several posts uploaded every day so keep refreshing! Click here to read their popular post, “12 Ways to Get More Out of Your Blog Without Actually Blogging.”

Facebook for Business

Facebook can play an important part in your shopping centre’s marketing strategy yet it can be hard to keep track of all the changes and new innovations and opportunities that Facebook has to offer. Algorithms change and strategies need to adapt. Facebook for Business is a great resource to keep up-to-date on the changes at the social media powerhouse. You can view its updates on its Facebook for Business website or like them on Facebook so you’ll receive the updates in your News Feed. (Side note: I wonder if they have to boost their own posts so that their entire fan base sees their posts just like other businesses now have to do.) Click here to read their post on “The Value of Ad Impressions on Facebook” for a look at the new right-hand column ads.

The Story of Telling

The story is an important tool in all cultures that communicates an experience. In marketing, the story plays a vital role in helping a brand connect with its consumer. Bernadette Jiwa writes on brand storytelling in her blog, The Story of Telling. Jiwa gets you to think about the why, helping to evolve the way you think about the customer experience. Click here to read about Consumer Triggers.

Branding Magazine

Branding Magazine is an independent online, daily brand journal that covers insightful news and opinions from the industry. This is a go-to resource to keep up-to-date on the top marketing initiatives from a variety of large, international organizations. You’ll get a look at cutting edge marketing strategies. You can read about Kate Spade’s use of Shoppable Videos here.

Marketing Magazine

This source may not qualify as a blog but it is still a great place for daily inspiration, not to mention that you’ll be in the know on all the important news in Canadian marketing. Canada is a unique marketplace, ahem Target, therefore it’s great to read up on what’s working for fellow brands and competitors. On Fridays, take a moment in your afternoon to watch their curated selection of the tops ads of the week. It’ll be hard not to share or be inspired. Click here to see Ads You Must See.

What do you do with all this creative inspiration? One idea is to create an Inspiration Binder. It’s a bit of an old school practice but whenever we find an inspiring campaign, article, or creative, we print it off and place it in our binder for times when we need an extra dose of creativity.



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