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If ever there was a fashion accessory for shopping centre Marketing Directors, the Activity/Fitness Tracker is it!  With miles of corridors right outside your door, plus retailers and customers to meet with every day, it’s the ideal lifestyle and workstyle tool to help you stay fit, active and healthy. 

Just ask Jennifer Kleinberg, Marketing Director for Upper Canada Mall.  Jennifer had this to say about her Nike FuelBand: “My initial use was to track my movement post baby to help drop the weight.  Mostly going for walks or doing Zumba on my Xbox Connect.  Now it’s used as a reminder to get up and walk and move throughout the day so I don’t get stuck sitting at my desk.”

When asked what she loves about her device, she shared that, “It cheers me on by scrolling ‘Go Jennifer, go;’ it provides instant results and lets me know how I’m doing; it doubles as a watch;  it’s comfortable and light and I can wear it to bed without knowing it’s there; plus, it’s an interesting talking piece when it lights up and people want to know what my watch is doing.”

Go Jennifer, go!

While Jennifer swears by her Nike FuelBand, there are many options to choose from in this world of high-tech tracking: bracelets, watches or clip-on devices.  You need to find the device that suits you best and we’re here to help you.  Inspired by Jennifer’s success and enthusiasm, we pulled together our list of favourites to help you get started on the road (or corridor) to fitness!

Before you cruise through the list, here’s some fitting advice from Ben Taylor in 26 Fitness Trackers Ranked from Worst to First on what to keep in mind when shopping:

  1. Get something that looks and feels good. Pay attention to design and consider spending a bit more for a device that’s elegant and low-profile.
  2. Get something that syncs automatically.
  3. Get something that works with your device(s). Is it compatible with your phone, tablet or computer?

 In How to Choose the Right Fitness Tracker and The Best Activity Trackers for Fitness, PC Mag’s Jill Duffy also offers some savvy tips on what to consider.  Here’s our top picks from the collection (in no particular order):







Nike+ FuelBand SE $133.99 at Amazon The design of this sporty bangle is the highlight. It’s a hard black bracelet with a rubberized texture and retro-chic dot-matrix display that’s invisible most of the time. Read the full review ››









Basis Carbon Steel Edition $199.00 at MyBasis Ideal for tech and fitness enthusiasts, as well as anyone who regularly rides a bicycle, as it can automatically detect when you’re walking, running, and bicycling. Read the full review ››






Fitbit Flex $97.93 at Amazon With this wrist-worn activity tracker, you can swap out the bracelet to change its color. It wirelessly syncs to your computer, iPhone, or Android phone.  Read the full review ››









Jawbone UP24 $137.99 at Amazon Sleek, comfortable, and light to wear on the wrist. When it comes to monitoring your sleep, it knows the difference between light and deep sleep. Read the full review ››







Samsung Gear Fit $199.99 at Amazon Gorgeous, but the Samsung Gear Fit is more of a companion to a Samsung phone than a standalone fitness tracker. Read the full review››








Fitbit One $99.88 at Amazon This super-smart pedometer tracks how many steps taken, stairs climbed, distance traveled, calories burned, and quality of sleep. Read the full review ››

Good luck getting fit or fitter this summer! We’d love to hear what tracker you use and the results that you have experienced.

photo credit: Gadgetmac via photopin cc

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