Resources for Increasing Traffic and Sales for Shopping Centre Marketers


Print is a Powerful Medium for Shopping Centres


Print is a medium with the power to help increase sales and traffic for shopping centre Marketing Directors.

If you think print is dead, think again.  Here are 7 reasons shopping centre Marketing Directors should include print in their communications and promotions!

  1. “The resilience of print, both in ads and in direct mail, strongly suggests the importance of cross-platform marketing plans for retailers.  It also reminds everyone to keep emerging platforms in perspective.  Consumers are omni-channel shoppers, yet we should never underestimate the power of what’s tried and true.”  Find out more at:
  1. “Since smell enhances memory recall, it can be an important factor in creating brand loyalty.  Research has shown that 47% of consumers are more likely to open a piece of mail if it has a scent.” Find out more at:
  1. “Consumers are more engaged when reading printed material, unlike websites, which are often skimmed in as little as 15 seconds.”  Find out more at:
  1. “In yet another test for a fundraiser, a textured stock was tested against plain.  The textured stock increased donations by 13.1%.  Even more importantly, the dollar value per donation increased by 3.3%, yielding 16.8% more dollars.  And how much more did it cost to use the fancier paper? Only 1%.” Great report, Dan Buckley!
  1. “The physicality of a mailing—the feel of it in your hands—adds another dimension to the brand experience.  The weight and quality of the paper gives a sense of value to the mailing and encourages the consumer to keep it longer.” Find out more at:
  1. “People understand their world through physical experiences, and the first sense is through touch.  You can produce changes in peoples’ thoughts through different physical experiences.” Find out more at:
  1. “Since your message isn’t tied to the newsstand or the television screen, you can stimulate and entertain your customers, encouraging them to reassess you brand and drive response.”  Find out more at:










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