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Marketing Ideas for This Fall

If you’re like me, you’re probably always in the midst of planning for the next thing when it comes to work, projects, life! Decisions, decisions, decisions. It’s natural this time of year to feel your creative spark start to dim. Fear not as you look to fall—here are several ideas to help jump-start your planning.

It goes without saying to tap into pop culture for ideas that are relevant to your target–especially in the retail and shopping centre segments. What shows, books, music, hobbies and lifestyle activities are popular among your target? For instance, the Hygge trend continues to gain momentum. Hygge (Danish) describes the ultimate feeling of coziness and relaxation. Given that Denmark has repeatedly been named the happiest country in the world, Hygge, with all its candles, tea, and gatherings might be worth exploring in some way in your marketing.  In fact, I’ve seen two Hygge displays at major bookstores in the past few months.  I’ve also seen displays celebrating the power of women, and perhaps it’s no wonder that “Wonder Woman” just launched to great acclaim. “Star Wars the Last Jedi” is out in December—I am sure I don’t have to tell you that it will be huge! Oh and in case you didn’t know, unicorns, the symbol of hope and optimism are increasingly popular—especially among Millenials.

More and more interesting ideas involve unique partnerships brought to life in new ways. The right partnership can strengthen your brand’s relationship with existing users, and help to attract new users. Sharing content, working together to bring forth a special ‘curated’ product or collection and creating a new distribution channel are just a few ideas. For example, global athletic leader New Balance is expanding its footprint in the women’s apparel category with a designated women’s only retail space within all Sport Chek stores across Canada this spring. The New Balance Space has “specific appeal for the metropolitan female athlete and offers a curated collection of women’s fitness apparel inspired by athletes’ love of sport, drive to discover what’s next, and passion for what’s possible.” Love!

Experiences are everything these days, and if integrating an African safari into your business model isn’t in the cards, why not start small? I have been blown away by the popularity of a very simple idea at a local shopping centre. Mayfair recently introduced Stuffy Riders—stuffed, colourful motorized animals that one can ride through the mall for a mere $8.00 per 10 minutes (yup that’s me in the photo). Over 2000 rides on a stuffed panda, wolf, Angry Bird and husky took place in the first ten days. And those rides included kids, teens and yes, adults! Stuffy Riders is expanding across the country and is a great way to attract more visits more often to a retail destination. Alternatively, I’m seeing more and more retailers create sensory installations as a replacement to static posters and hoarding. This could involve light, sound, touch and even smell!

These are just a few ideas. If you’d like to discuss your fall planning needs or set up one of our fast paced ideation sessions (guaranteed to help generate hundreds of possible ideas) give me a shout.

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