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How Shopping Centre Marketers Can Make Their Subject Line Irresistible


Seven ways to make your e-marketing Subject Line irresistible.

Clients frequently ask about the effectiveness of e-newsletters or e-blasts. There is much to be said for including these in your marketing mix; after all, an e-newsletter goes to people who genuinely want to receive it. However, among many things, you need to get the door open. And it starts with the “subject line.”

Courtesy of Campaign Monitor, here are seven tried and true subject line formulas to consider for your next e-marketing initiative.

1. The Question Subject Line
Question subject lines are powerful because the invite the reader to explore how a topic of relevance applies to his or her situation. For example, subject line questions for a shopping centre e-blast that is about style and trends might include:
– How much should you spend on clothes in a year?
– When are you too old to wear a bikini?
– Can you ever have too many pairs of shoes?

2. The ‘How To’ Subject Line
The ‘How To’ subject line formula works so well because it forces you to describe the content of the email in very clear, benefit oriented language. For shopping centre marketers, an e-marketing subject line might be something like:
– How to dress stylishly for your body shape.
– How to express your personal style on a tight budget.
– How to wear a little black dress 5 different ways.

3. The Scarcity Subject Line
Scarcity is a powerful driver of human behaviour, after all, who wants to miss out? Adding a time or availability limitation encourages readers to open and act on your email before it’s too late. For example, in the world of shopping centre marketing this could mean:
– Hurry! First 100 guests will receive a free OPI nail polish!
– Only 2 days left to get 50% or more off hundreds of shoes.
– Like us on Facebook in the next 24 hours for a chance to win a Vitamix!

4. The Announcement Subject Line
An announcement subject line is about sharing relevant news in an exciting manner.
Campaign Monitor reports that e-mail subject lines that include terms like ‘Introducing’ and ‘New’ increase the chance of the e-mail being opened by up to almost 10%.
Examples for shopping centre marketers include:
– Introducing a new store that you will love: Sephora!
– New children’s play area opens today.
– Grand Opening of our NEW food court this weekend!

5. The Number Subject Line
Using a number as a frame of reference in your subject line can help increase your open rate—sometimes significantly. For example:
– 10 ways to accessorize a white shirt for spring.
– 5 ideas to help you look (and feel) 10 pounds lighter.
– 3 trends that will bring out your inner tomboy.

6. The Curiosity Subject Line
Sometimes the most effective subject line is one that is creative and a little off the beaten path. In shopping centre marketing, this might mean:
– This little known fashion tip will make you look smarter.
– Why purple is the best colour for sleepwear.

7. The Personalized Subject Line
People love to see their name in print, and personalizing a subject line can make the reader feel as though you are speaking directly to them. For instance, “Mary, there’s only 2 days left to get 50% off designer jeans” provides a clear incentive and benefit seemingly just for “Mary.”

There you have it—be sure to test these different approaches and see if there is one that works particularly well for your target and shopping centre marketing.

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