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Get Your Groove Back: Take a Break


If you haven’t unplugged and left your daily coordinates for a vacation in a while, it’s time to get on it. The fast-paced lifestyle of many shopping centre Marketing Directors is not for the faint of heart: long hours, weekends, 24-7 connectivity, commutes, double duty with household chores, extra-curricular activities and kids’ homework. Is it any surprise divorce, obesity, anxiety, depression, simmering anger and a myriad of other concerns are rampant?

According to the Huffington Post, hard work alone does not guarantee success, just as time off is not equivalent to laziness.    

There are many benefits to unplugging and signing out. A report by Oxford Economics reports that 75% of managers report back to work feeling recharged and refreshed, 50% feel more focused, and 41% felt a lower level of stress. Time off has been proven repeatedly to help increase productivity and creativity. It improves memory. It increases the levels of one’s serotonin, helping to lift the spirit and improve one’s mood. And Dale Carnegie reports that time off is critical to long term employee engagement.

What are you waiting for?

Taking a break is chance to get away from where you usually spend your days and what you usually do. It’s a chance to do something you love, to connect with those that you most love and to take in new experiences. For instance, visiting places you’ve never been to, abroad or in your own city, can be a gold mine for marketing inspiration. Steve Jobs once said, “A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences and because they don’t have enough dots  to connect, they end up with very linear solutions.By experiencing new things, you’re adding dots to your arsenal and giving yourself the fuel to think about your world in new ways.

However, taking a break does not mean taking Friday off and checking in hourly while you catch up on errands. It’s taking at least a week off and unplugging: no work email or work calls. And while you’re at it, forget Facebook.  

“But I feel guilty leaving work,” shared a client recently. While it may seem counter-intuitive, many top managers have felt this at one or time or another. One of the best ways to deal with this is to make sure you plan your vacation early so that your team can prepare for your absence. No one’s irreplaceable. Remember: from a work perspective, it may seem there’s never a perfect time to go on vacation. There probably isn’t. And yet, have you noticed, life goes on without you?

So plan to take a break. Go camping, visit Spain, sleep in, exercise, read a book, or just hang out.

When you’re back at work, you’ll be ready to step up your game, and more important, your life!
photo credit: Cocoa Dream via photopin cc

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