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5 Cool Things Shopping Centre Marketers Can Do With Instagram


Many shopping centre marketers have embraced Instagram as a marketing tool because it has one of the most engaged user bases of any social network. It is also the second-most important social network to American teens, as reported in a recent survey conducted by Piper Jaffray.

If you want to get your brand in front of an audience that is growing faster than Facebook, here are five cool ways you can use it for your next promotion.

1. Build An Instagram Website

Ikea recently used an Instagram account, ikea_ps_2014 to showcase all 34 items in its PS collection.  By using Instagram’s tagging features and grid structure in a new way, the account simulated a website.  Following a similar approach, this could be a unique way for shopping centre marketers to highlight a line of merchandise.

2.  Conduct a Video Contest

Photo contests are very popular on Instagram, so why not consider differentiating your contest by asking for video submissions?  Instagram’s easy-to-use video feature allows for up to 15-second video submissions—lots of time for your customers to tell you their story.  Videos can easily be tracked and aggregated on a promotion site as long as they are hashtagged.

3.  Use Direct Messages to Boost Contest Entries

Instagram’s direct messaging feature allows you to send private messages, photos and videos to up to 15 followers at a time.  For brands, this is a great way to engage directly with fans, and invite them to enter your contest, or reward them for doing so by sending other prizes just to them.  Using Direct Messages can also be a great way to ‘surprise and delight’ followers by sending them prizes just for being a follower.

4. Create an Instagram T-Shirt

Set up a corporate Instagram account and use it as the focus for a team-building event.  Encourage employees to take photos based on a certain theme and award prizes to the winners.  A unique gift can also be created for the event by producing an Instagram t-shirt featuring the photos that were taken.

5.  Use the New Photo Features

Instagram made a name for itself by letting users apply filters to their photos.  It caught on because it made anyone feel like a professional photographer.  As more people started using Instagram, the approach of applying a filter lost it uniqueness.  To remedy this, Instagram recently introduced 10 new photo-editing tools that give users more control of their photos.  If you want your photos to look and feel like a professional photograph, give these new tools a try.

Instagram continues to provide a wealth of ideas to savvy and creative shopping centre marketers.

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