Suburbia Studios: Retail, Health and Financial Branding Agency

We're a leading retail and branding agency with expertise in helping retailers, shopping centres, financial institutions and health and wellness organizations grow their businesses. Our team of creative thinkers and strategic problem solvers will help you stand apart and stay ahead of your competition.

Why is Suburbia different? When we help build business for our clients, we bring the experience of having conceived, launched and grown a kid’s app company, Zooper Dooper, and a software company—FunctionFox—the leading online time and project management system for creative companies. We understand the pressure of limited resources and the need to create results quickly, repeatedly and strategically.

Our entrepreneurial spirit goes beyond starting companies. We find ways to innovate and help our clients lead with first-to-market ideas, including tailgate parties, designer collaborations, shoppable videos, charity shopping nights, Rock Star RRSP campaigns and irreverent in-store signage for an organic grocer.